Bike Insurance: What you need to know about bicycle insurance

Statistics never lie. In 2009 alone, research showed that approximately 100,000 motorcycles suffered huge losses and were injured. This research was done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Assuming that these people had not insured themselves then the extent of the losses they sufferer is astonishing. This has only one implication, that bike insurance is a critical factor for those of us who love to cycle. It is true that some of the governments have certain levels of the insurance to the entire cyclist. But while this can be a sign of relief the minimum requirement might not be enough, you may need to improve your coverage.

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Major Types Of Insurance

There are different types of bicycle insurance covering it. They differ based on the value of the bike, the amount of coverage that you would like to get and the engine size. The major types of the insurance are:

  • Liability insurance. If you are involved in an accident and you are solely responsible, then you will have to pay or compensate any individual that you may injure or damage their property. You will need this insurance cover. It covers damages to third parties only.
  • Economy insurance. This one is designed to cover for the loss of your bike should it be stolen.
  • Total package insurance. This is basically made in such a way that it covers all the risks that your bike may have from theft to third party liability together with collision losses.

Insurances That Can Improve Your Coverage

  • Uninsured motorist coverage. What would happen if you are involved in accident caused by a driver who is either not insured or is under insured? The implication here is that you may suffer huge losses that the insurance covering the driver might not be able to compensate you for. This is what this insurance steps in to sort you out.
  • Bodily injury liability insurance. This is the policy that is made to protect you from paying huge sums of money to another party that you may have injured. It occurs when you are found to be responsible for causing the accident.
  • Motorcycle stacking insurance. This type of policy usually covers all the automobiles in your home and can include your bike.

Tips On Finding The Insurance

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If you are finding it hard to get a bike insurance that you are looking for, then the following tips can help you. Getting a recommendation from a specialist can be of great assistance. If you are enrolled in a motorcycle club then you can easily get the info as well. In addition to this, you can conduct your own search by checking out on the available policies offered by the different insurance companies. You can also inquire from the insurance company that covers your automobiles if they can offer the cover at a cheaper rate.

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Basic Principle. Bike Insurance | Bicycle Insurance

It is always advisable that when taking bike insurance, you need to buy the policy that covers your need. This is one benefit that you get by comparing the various policies offered by the different insurance companies.

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